Monaco F1: Glitz, Glamour and Racing Thrill

If you are a Formula One, fan you must be looking forward to the start of action towards the end of March in Melbourne.  It will be almost five months since the last piece of action but the offseason has also had its own drama as the usual game of musical chairs was witnessed. Like any other fan, you must be looking forward to your favorite because everyone seems to have one.

For those who want to combine a good time and the racing action, the Monaco GP never disappoints. This has become a focal point of motorsport and it is considered one of the three most prestigious races in the world, the others being 24 Hours of Le Mans and Indianapolis 500. It is no wonder then that Monaco F1 Tickets sell quickly. If you are planning to attend this year’s in Monte Carlo, you must book your tickets in advance or else you will have to break the bank to get one later.

Brief History of Monaco GP

The Monaco GP was born in 1929 under the guidance of Prince Louis III and it has grown into one of the most popular annual sports events globally.  The first race in 1929 was won by William Grover-Williams driving a Bugatti. Since then, Monaco has been labeled one of the most difficult, riskiest and slowest races, something that makes only the best drivers emerge winners.  The race has witnessed some of the most remarkable events in Formula One, which is the reason why it has always received many fans.

As a street race, the Monte Carlo streets are closed to allow racing action over the weekend except on Friday. Some of the greatest rivalries including that of Senna and Prost, Schumacher and Alonso, and lately Hamilton and Rosberg have played out on this difficult track.  This makes it a favorite with fans while drivers have to sweat it out trying impossible overtaking maneuvers.

Of course, there is an aura of respect for every driver who wins this race because they most likely end up being world champions that year or in future. From Senna, Prost to Rosberg, there is something that connects this track with great drivers. These are just some of the reasons why you must attend the Monaco GP this year.

Time to Start Looking for Monaco F1 Tickets

If you have been wondering which F1 race to attend this year, the Monaco Grand Prix 2017 is a no-brainer. Not only do you get to enjoy the racing action on one of the toughest tracks, but you will also get a chance to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Of course, Monaco is renowned for its glitz and glamour and your F1 ticket gives you easy access to all this.

The racing action starts on Thursday with the qualifying sessions and qualifying on Saturday. However, in between, you can fill your days with some of the best attractions in the city including sight-seeing with the best attractions being the Prince’s palace, Fort Antoine, Monaco Cathedral, Oceanographic Museum, casino and the Opera House.

So what do Monaco F1 Tickets offer? Not only do you get to enjoy VIP hospitality by getting the best views either from a yacht, Terrace or a hotel balcony. You will also have a feel of how royalty lives in this great city.  From exquisitely selected foods and drinks, sport car rides, helicopter transfers to 5-star hotels, you have everything going for you once you have a ticket in hand. While it is true the city is expensive, you can opt for different packages to suit your budget. There are different viewing locations, for instance, including the Grandstands which come with different views.

When shopping for Monaco F1 Tickets, make sure you do so from a certified seller to avoid getting duped. If you are looking for a hospitality package, look at all the extra charges included. If you want to get the best out of your visit, make sure you get a hospitality package that also allows you to attend after parties where you will mingle with the who-is-who in F1. There are also concerts after the events where big stars entertain the guests and this is a great way to wrap up your weekend.

Avoid the queues that generally characterize the rush for Monaco GP tickets by booking early. You will not only get better deals on your hospitality packages, but you will also have more time to talk to your travel representative about the best places to stay and where to visit.

Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2016

YasMarinaIf you are a Formula One buff, you are definitely looking forward to the start of the season at Melbourne. The pre-season testing has already given hints about the supremacy battle to be expected between Mercedes and Ferrari as well as individual drivers’ duels. If Yas Marina is your favorite circuit, you need to book your Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2016 ticket early enough because this year’s race is still going to provide spectacular action as usual.

Here are some other reasons you have to be at the race:

1.       The Thrill of the Final Day

Yas Marina takes pride in being the season ender and every year there has been added spice to the action as every driver tries to close on a high. In 2015, the race might have been won earlier in Austin by Lewis Hamilton, but Rosberg had a point to prove.  The German was driving like a champion and no one would have guessed the subdued Hamilton was actually the title winner. His dominance in the last three races of the season promises to light up the action all the way to Abu Dhabi and you must be there to catch the action.

2.       Fascinating Circuit

To say that Yas Marina is a statement of grandeur is actually an understatement. It has to be one of the most beautiful circuits offering an awe-inspiring experience for every fan and driver.  Most Formula One drivers have confessed their love for the circuit straddled by the Yas Viceroy hotel with 21 corners to contend with. The day-night event also offers amazing views straight from a postcard and this has been rated as one of the factors that pulls in throngs of fans every year.

3.       Past Winners in Attendance

Well, every driver tries to be a repeat winner at every circuit. The fact that all past winners at Yas Marina will be in contention at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix 2016 makes this a must-watch race.  Sebastian Vettel, Hamilton, Rosberg, and Kimi Raikkonen will all try to earn bragging rights as the experts on this circuit. Vettel has the most wins and Hamilton with two will definitely be working hard to upset the German. Barring any changes, these drivers will be driving all out to earn more wins on the fantastic circuit.

4.       Off Track Entertainment

One thing that sets the Abu Dhabi circuit apart from others is the fact that you have so much entertainment to enjoy away from the track that you will always return. There are numerous after-parties to grace and you can mingle with your favorite drivers and celebrities.  Concerts by Beyonce, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Muse and Jay Z among other musical greats are a must-attend once you are done with the track action.

5.       Exquisite Hospitality Packages

If there is no other excuse for you to be at the 2016 Abu Dhabi GP, then you have one in the exquisite hospitality packages on offer. The island is world-renowned for its welcoming nature, but during the Formula One weekend, the hotels and clubs outdo themselves to offer pristine services. The Grand Prix hotels offer luxurious services, amazing race viewing, personalized service, air-conditioned suites, amazing cuisine, airport connection and so much more.


European Historic Rally Championship

The European Historic Rally Championship is a continental championship series help in Europe. This is based on rallying. FIA or Federation Internationale de I’Automobile organizes this event every year. This championship was 1st contested in the year of 1953. You can take a look at the latest seasons of this championship and they have been quite thrilling and interesting overall. This sporting event is becoming quite popular these days. In America as well as in Europe this sport is getting popular. For participating in this rally, one needs to know driving very well and also should have a valid license for it.

Thrill and Excitement

Since this is a car racing sports event, you have to expect a lot of thrills and excitement. It is one of those, high-speed car driving competitions that provides  a lot of enthusiasm as well as thrills. Another exciting car racing event that used to take place is the Mille Miglia. This was held in Italy and was an exciting open road race. It took place some 24 times in between 1927 to 1957. In this sport, one has to cover 1000 miles with one lap only. Most number of wins is registered by the driver Clemente Biondetti. In case of manufacturers, most number of wins is registered by Alfa Romeo.
Another rally sports, which is also quite popular and has been one of the greatest sports attractions for the people, is the Sanremo Rally Storico byFIA. This sport is also dramatic and has provided great excitement. It is still occurring in parts of the European countries. This is quite popular and many people love to watch this sporting event. This racing can be performed any kind of terrain like mud truck, flat track, water filled areas and also there are many more options available. The drivers who participate in these sports are quite experienced and skilled drivers. Driving in all these terrains are not that easy but here they have race and win. That is why people from around the world praise the winners with loud and clear voice.


In the European Historic Rally Championship, you can see different winners from different seasons. It has been always interesting to see a new talent win the competition. The recent winners are
Season 2010 – Luca Rossetti
Season 2011 – Luca Rossetti (Won his 3rd European Championship title)
Season 2012 – Juho Hanninen
Season 2013 – Jan Kopecky
Season 2014 – Esapekka Lappi
Stephane Lefebvre won the ERC Junior Championship.
This sport is quite interesting and has been the favorite of many people in Europe. This sporting event has gained a lot of popularity in past few years in the Europe. Even this is spreading worldwide and you can see this sport to be popular in many parts of America. Mille Miglia is a traditional racing event which is still recalled as one of the best events in Italy. The most important thing about this event is that you can get a lot of entertainment and thus many people from all parts of Europe gather for this sports and enjoy it thoroughly and cheer for their favorite ones.


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