European Historic Rally Championship

The European Historic Rally Championship is a continental championship series help in Europe. This is based on rallying. FIA or Federation Internationale de I’Automobile organizes this event every year. This championship was 1st contested in the year of 1953. You can take a look at the latest seasons of this championship and they have been quite thrilling and interesting overall. This sporting event is becoming quite popular these days. In America as well as in Europe this sport is getting popular. For participating in this rally, one needs to know driving very well and also should have a valid license for it.

Thrill and Excitement

Since this is a car racing sports event, you have to expect a lot of thrills and excitement. It is one of those, high-speed car driving competitions that provides  a lot of enthusiasm as well as thrills. Another exciting car racing event that used to take place is the Mille Miglia. This was held in Italy and was an exciting open road race. It took place some 24 times in between 1927 to 1957. In this sport, one has to cover 1000 miles with one lap only. Most number of wins is registered by the driver Clemente Biondetti. In case of manufacturers, most number of wins is registered by Alfa Romeo.
Another rally sports, which is also quite popular and has been one of the greatest sports attractions for the people, is the Sanremo Rally Storico byFIA. This sport is also dramatic and has provided great excitement. It is still occurring in parts of the European countries. This is quite popular and many people love to watch this sporting event. This racing can be performed any kind of terrain like mud truck, flat track, water filled areas and also there are many more options available. The drivers who participate in these sports are quite experienced and skilled drivers. Driving in all these terrains are not that easy but here they have race and win. That is why people from around the world praise the winners with loud and clear voice.


In the European Historic Rally Championship, you can see different winners from different seasons. It has been always interesting to see a new talent win the competition. The recent winners are
Season 2010 – Luca Rossetti
Season 2011 – Luca Rossetti (Won his 3rd European Championship title)
Season 2012 – Juho Hanninen
Season 2013 – Jan Kopecky
Season 2014 – Esapekka Lappi
Stephane Lefebvre won the ERC Junior Championship.
This sport is quite interesting and has been the favorite of many people in Europe. This sporting event has gained a lot of popularity in past few years in the Europe. Even this is spreading worldwide and you can see this sport to be popular in many parts of America. Mille Miglia is a traditional racing event which is still recalled as one of the best events in Italy. The most important thing about this event is that you can get a lot of entertainment and thus many people from all parts of Europe gather for this sports and enjoy it thoroughly and cheer for their favorite ones.